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Welcome to the Team - Maisie Cohen, Carpentry Apprenticeship

Welcoming Our Newest Star Intern: Maisie Cohen

We're thrilled to introduce Maisie Cohen, the newest addition to our team at Capital Maintenance Apprenticeship team! 🎉 As our youngest and brightest intern to our longest running client account, Maisie brings a fresh perspective, and enthusiasm.


Maisie's journey with us is not just about gaining experience; it's about embracing opportunities and nurturing talent through our apprenticeship scheme.

At Capital Maintenance, we're passionate about investing in the next generation of professionals in the building maintenance industry. Our apprenticeship program is designed to provide hands-on training, mentorship, and real-world experience to aspiring individuals like Maisie, empowering them to kick-start their careers and reach their fullest potential.


Maisie's energy and dedication remind us of the importance of fostering a culture of growth and development within our organization.

Maisey is getting started in Carpentry being mentored by our compliance manager on our clients account that has been by our side and with us through many years.


Join us in celebrating Maisie's journey as she embarks on this exciting chapter of her career! 🌟 


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