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Sustainability Adopters & Business Leaders, Regent Street

"Capital Maintenance are a valued and responsible service partner working with JLL to provide daily services that retain the smooth and efficient operations of Regent Street for our occupiers. As a local business they are closely linked with the wider community and recognise the positive social and economic value of engaging, supporting and collaborating with the local community.

JLL is the first UK property adviser to make the commitment to operating at net zero carbon by 2030, this is now a global target. As an organisation JLL value the strength of working with like-minded organisations, both large and small to make a positive impact to mitigate climate change.

This is an opportunity to showcase sustainability thinking, initiatives and projects that make Capital Maintenance a real asset to our occupiers, client and community.

Improving External Air Quality

Summer Streets – the pedestrianisation of Regent Street for one day a year to make people a priority and a fun place for families to visit started in 2013. The initiative also provided an opportunity to improve the external air quality. Each year Capital support the managing agent to build (at speed) a one day set to host visitors at a themed space focused on the many aspects of sustainability associated with Regent Street from biodiversity to recycling, gardening and allotments to eating local and seasonal. Each year the sets are creative, stimulating, sustainable and exciting to visit – the Regent Street Greenhouse attracted over 1 million visitors. Built for the event in 2014 and reused for Regent Street Sustainability Day – using FSC wood and built to dismantle and re-use."

Julie Hogarth | Head of Sustainability - The Crown Estate Central London Portfolio

Set Up – all plants/allotment boxes transferred to the Regent Street Allotment Garden by Capital.

Calm haven - chairs & tables re-used in Allotment Gardens with assistance from Capital

Finding out more about the Regent Street Sky Gardens & Allotments

Re-use of allotment tables


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