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Net Carbon Zero

Established in 1991, we are a family-owned business which offers an extensive range of property services, including maintenance projects, refurbishments, and fabrication works across London. We are working towards setting targets and minimising energy consumption, reducing its environmental impact, and is now seeking to develop and implement a Net Zero Carbon (NZC) strategy. We recognise that setting such a target will ensure it is recognised for it’s climate awareness, and willingness to act; strengthening their long-term relationships with customers.

As an environmentally conscious property services provider, we recognise that our services contribute to carbon emissions. Consequently, we recognised the importance of driving sustainability within our business and have already undertaken the following initiatives to address energy consumption and GHG emissions:

▪ Achieved ISO 14001 Accreditation, maintaining an internationally approved environmental management system and assuring customers that appropriate action is being taken.

▪ Supporting air quality initiatives, such as Regent Street Sustainability Day, to ensure the spread of awareness of anthropogenic harm on the living environment.

▪ Expansion of a fleet of electric vehicles, recognising the need for greener travel by phasing out polluting methods of transport.

Understanding that further action is necessary to reach a Net Zero economy, we have partnered with Carbonxgen to support the development of a Net Zero Carbon Strategy that will ensure longevity of its business as the green revolution unfolds.

Capital Maintenance Ltd has set the target date of having net carbon emissions by 2030.


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